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Following are instructions for preparing, uploading, and inserting images on your website.

Preparing the Image

  1. Crop image to optimize view you want displayed.
  2. Save image in JPG format.

Uploading an Image

  1. Go to your ADMIN interface.
  2. Click Edit content or Add content in the menu at left to bring up the document into which you want to insert your image.
  3. Find location in that document where you want to insert the image.
  4. Click Insert Image icon, also known as a "Content Wizard" Insert image.

Using "Insert Image" Wizard

  1. Locate the image on your computer using the Browse feature.
  2. Highlight image and click on it in order to retrieve the image.
  3. Enter the file name you want the image to have on your website.
  4. Enter the Alt text, which will describe the image when you position your curser on the image.
  5. Indicate whether or NOT you want a border around your image.
  6. Indicate how much space you want around your image -- or retain the default.
  7. Indicate if you want ONLY a small image or BOTH a small and large image.
  8. Click Upload image to save it on your website.

Note: The "Insert Image" wizard automatically sizes and optimizes your image for display on a wehsite. If you selected BOTH a small and large image, the large image will appear in a separate screen when you click the small image.

Inserting Your Image

  1. When you click Upload image, a new page will appear with a bold text, which contains the code needed to display your image.
  2. Copy the bold text and insert it into your document where you want the image to appear.
  3. Click Add content or Save changes to save your image in that document.
  4. Verify that the edited content is correct.
  5. If the image is not in the correct location, return to the document and move the code to a better location.

Hint: Always insert the code between paragraphs or before headings -- never within a paragraph.


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