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Viewing This Website

This website has been optimized for viewing with your computer display set at 800 x 600 resolution.

Until recently, 800 x 600 resolution was the default setting for new monitors. Currently, the default is 1024 x 768 or higher. Unless you have good eyesight, you may find this webiste difficult to read with a higher-resolution setting.

The 800 x 600 resolution setting was selected for this website because many older persons are interested in local history. We wished to make this website easy for them to use and read, while supporting all other users of the website as well. Since most older persons -- particularly those with some vision limitations -- still use monitors that are set to 800 x 600 resolution, that is the setting chosen for optimal use of this website.

The process for changing your monitor setting to 800 x 600 resolution will depend on the operating system on your computer. Following is an example for changing your display setting on a typical Windows machine:

Printing This Website

Some browser/printer combinations only print 550 pixels wide -- while this website is optimized for viewing at 800 pixels wide. As a result, a "Print Friendly" utility has been added to the "Global Navigation Banner" -- the narrow banner -- at the top of each page on this website.

To use the "Print Friendly" utility, simply click on the printer icon or the word "Print" in the Banner. This will display a simplified version of the page, but one that includes all illustrations on the page.


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